Have you ever face a situation in which your printer gives you smudge printout? Does it go little too slow? Prints only half of the sheet? Or not responding to your print command at all? Well, I guess you countered one these issues at least more than twice. And the problem does not only occur with you but also most of the users. Printer problem is a hell of an irritating ordeal in your daily chores. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. AVRiQ is a leading provider of on-site printer repair service. The company has first grade printer technicians who can repair the most complex printer issue of any type of printer such as inkjet printer, laser printer, LED printer, thermal printer, and more.

Possible factors of printer problems

Human beings are sometimes reckless at works and they are prone to make mistakes. Making mistakes become a part of our life. There are small mistakes that can create a huge snowball. In the same way, printer users make inevitable while performing printing activities. Some of the common factors that can cause printer problems are:

• Printer is not working at all – This may occur when the printer driver is not updated.

• Printer driver issue – When the user forgets to install a driver or the driver is not functioning, the printer will not print out properly.

• Paper jam – If the wrong type of paper is fed into the printer, the paper sheets may get stuck in the printer.

• Overuse – If the printer is used for a longer time than its recommended period, the device may either stop working or could break down.

• Duplicate image on printouts – It occurs when the printer is running on insufficient power.

Top printer repair service for you

At AVRiQ, printer experts understand the importance of printing device for your business and they will give 100% effort to fix your problems. They offer on-site printer repair service and can repair all the types of printers such as inkjet printer, laser printer, LED printer, and thermal printers. The key services they are providing include:

• Cost-effective printer repair service

• Troubleshoot and repair printer at reasonable price

• Fix wireless printer connectivity issues

• Connect the printer to computer and mobile devices

• Troubleshoot printer spooler issues

• Speed up slow printing activities

Whenever, your printer refuses to function properly, just printer repair service and they will help you contact a local expert. The tech will visit your place and perform printer repair job at a price you can afford.


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